Residential Construction Firm Website Design and Development

A.J. Shea Residential Construction

Residential builder A.J. Shea needed a site that served to profile a diverse range of residential construction projects, paying special attention to geothermal and other high profile green projects. Green projects are highlighted in a seperate “mini-site” using a green variation of the A.J. Shea branding.

The main site features a project gallery that leads viewer to individual project detail pages. Each page includes photos that show progress at various phases of construction, leading up to the completed project.

Produced in partnership with Redshift Consulting.


A.J. Shea Residential Construction

A screenshot of the A.J. Shea main website homepage.
A projects gallery page on the main site.
A project details page on the main site.
The home page of the Shea mini-site, showcasing environmentally friendly projects.
A sub page of the Shea mini-site.
Another sub page of the Shea mini-site.
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